"Specist" is a misspelling of "speciesist," which is a person who puts higher value on one species over another, believing that species is superior to others. Speciesists will use this belief to justify treating members of other species unfairly or with less moral consideration. Speciesism is the act of favoring or discriminating against certain species over others.

For instance, imagine a situation in which a person refuses to adopt or purchase a dog and insists on purchasing a cat solely because they believe cats are superior. This person's behavior can be described as speciesist because they are favoring one species (cats) over another (dogs) without a valid ethical reason.

"Speciesist" can also be used as an adjective to modify a noun. Speciesist behavior would be behavior that displays the favoring or discriminating against certain species.

Example sentences

  1. The debate over whether it's speciesist to use certain animals for scientific experiments is ongoing.
  2. She was criticized for her speciesist attitude when she showed a preference for exotic pets over common domestic animals.
  3. The restaurant was accused of being speciesist because it only served dishes made from certain animals while ignoring others.
  4. The wildlife conservation organization promotes the ethical treatment of animals and opposes any speciesist practices.
  5. Some argue that consuming plant-based foods instead of animal products is a way to avoid being speciesist.
  6. The movie highlighted the negative consequences of speciesist behavior toward endangered animals.
  7. He challenged his own speciesist beliefs by volunteering at an animal shelter and adopting a rescue cat.
  8. The new legislation aimed to address speciesism by strengthening animal welfare laws.
  9. Advocates for animal rights argue that it's important to recognize and combat speciesist attitudes in society.
  10. The documentary shed light on the consequences of speciesist practices in the fashion industry, such as using animal fur.

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