"Pacient" is a misspelling of "patient," which can either be a noun or adjective. As a noun, it means a person who is under medical care, receiving treatment, or seeking medical attention for an illness, injury, or condition. As an adjective, "patient" describes the quality of being able to endure delays, challenges, or difficulties without becoming frustrated or upset.

An example of the noun "patient" would be a person visiting a doctor's office because they have been feeling unwell with symptoms like fever and cough. The doctor examines them, asks about their symptoms, and provides a diagnosis and treatment plan to help the patient recover. Patients also consult with other healthcare professionals such as nurses or therapists to address their health concerns and receive appropriate care.

For the adjective "patient," imagine a situation where a teacher is dealing with a classroom full of energetic and sometimes disruptive students. A patient teacher remains calm, addresses each student's questions and concerns, and maintains order in the classroom without getting flustered or angry. Patience is the ability to remain calm and composed in the face of adversity.

Example sentences

  1. The patient was admitted to the hospital for surgery on his injured knee.
  2. The patient teacher listened attentively to each student's questions and helped them understand the lesson.
  3. The doctor carefully listened to the patient's medical history before making a diagnosis.
  4. The hikers needed to be patient as they navigated the steep and rocky terrain.
  5. The nurse provided comfort and reassurance to the anxious patient.
  6. Despite the long wait at the airport, he remained patient and cheerful.
  7. The dental clinic ensures that each patient receives a thorough oral examination.
  8. The patient's recovery progress was monitored closely by the medical team.
  9. The patient customer waited for the support representative to assist with the technical problem.
  10. The patient mother guided her child through the challenging task of tying shoelaces.

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Patient Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary
PATIENT meaning: 1 : able to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people often + with; 2 : done in a careful way over a long period of time without hurrying