"Bafoon" is a misspelling of "buffoon," which means a ridiculous figure or person who is often viewed as ill-educated and unintelligent. "Buffoon" can also be used to refer to a clown, whether literally or metaphorically.

An example of a buffoon would be a clown at a circus or that one funny and foolish student in class. Actions or behavior can be described as "buffoonish" as in "buffoonish jokes" and "buffoonish dancing." Such actions would elicit laughter and a lighthearted response rather than a serious one.

Example sentences

  1. The buffoon at the circus delighted the crowd with his slapstick humor and pratfalls.
  2. The actor's portrayal of a bumbling buffoon in the comedy film was widely praised.
  3. The office buffoon lightened the mood during stressful workdays with his jokes and pranks.
  4. His buffoonish behavior at the formal dinner embarrassed his colleagues and earned him a reputation as the office clown.
  5. The court jester's role was to entertain the king and queen with his buffoonery and jests.
  6. The politician's buffoonish remarks during the debate made him the subject of ridicule in the media.
  7. She couldn't take him seriously because of his buffoonish attempts to impress her.
  8. While some found his buffoonery endearing, others considered it annoying and immature.
  9. He often played the role of the buffoon in the school plays, bringing humor to the stage.
  10. The buffoon's exaggerated facial expressions and clownish attire made him the center of attention at the party.

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Definition of BUFFOON
a ludicrous figure : clown; a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person… See the full definition