"Banal" is an adjective that describes something as boring, unoriginal, and not interesting. It refers to something that is overly common, predictable, or ordinary to the point of being uninteresting or trite. "Banal" is commonly used to describe overused and cliché things such as overdone movie plots that are boring and predictable.

For instance, imagine attending a poetry reading where the poet recites clichéd and overused phrases like "roses are red, violets are blue." The audience may find the poems banal because they lack creativity and fail to evoke any genuine emotions. The poem might also only elicit banal comments and conversation, which would be boring and mundane remarks about the already unoriginal poetry.

The word "banal" typically leans toward having a negative connotation because being boring and unoriginal is not usually a compliment. Something that is "banal" will cause people to feel bored and uninterested.

Example sentences

  1. The movie's plot was so banal that it felt like a rehash of countless other romantic comedies.
  2. His banal conversation topics made social gatherings with him rather dull.
  3. The advertisement's banal slogans didn't capture the attention of the target audience.
  4. She preferred reading novels with unique and thought-provoking plots over banal romance novels.
  5. The politician's speech was filled with banal promises that offered no concrete solutions.
  6. The restaurant's menu consisted of banal dishes that lacked flavor and innovation.
  7. The teacher encouraged students to think creatively and avoid using banal phrases in their essays.
  8. Despite the breathtaking scenery, the tour guide's banal commentary left the group unimpressed.
  9. The artist's work was criticized for its banal use of common themes and techniques.
  10. The comedian relied on banal jokes that had the audience yawning rather than laughing.

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Banal Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary
BANAL meaning: boring or ordinary not interesting