• "Teamate" is the incorrect spelling.
  • "Teammate" is a fellow member of a collaborative group or team, sharing common goals and working together to achieve them.
For example...

❌ Celebrating my one-year birthday with the amazing colleagues who have been more than just teamates—they've been my steadfast collaborators and friends on this journey.

✅ Celebrating my one-year birthday with the amazing colleagues who have been more than just teammates—they've been my steadfast collaborators and friends on this journey.

In this sentence, a teammate is defined as an individual among the group of colleagues who, beyond the professional capacity, has become a reliable collaborator and friend during the celebratory occasion of the speaker's one-year birthday.
Teamate or Teammate: Which is Correct?

A teammate is someone who is part of the same group or team as you, typically within a work or sports context. The term goes beyond just a professional association, suggesting a sense of collaboration, mutual support, and camaraderie. Teammates work together towards common goals, share responsibilities, and often develop strong bonds beyond the specific tasks or projects they're involved in. In the provided sentence, the speaker emphasizes that these colleagues are not merely coworkers but individuals with whom they share a close and enduring connection, both professionally and personally.

In the below graph, you can see that the word "teammate" has been used more frequently than "teamate." The use of "teammate" has had an unusually steep increase in the past century.

Teamate or Teammate: Which is Correct? 

Why does the misspelling of teammate as teamate occur?

The misspelling of "teammate" as "teamate" often occurs due to inadvertent typographical errors or lack of attention during writing. The proximity of the letters 'm' and 'a' on a keyboard may contribute to this mistake, where a simple slip of a finger can result in the unintentional omission of one 'm.' While it is a common error, recognizing and correcting such misspellings is important for maintaining clear communication, especially in professional and formal written contexts. Therefore, it's advisable to proofread and double-check spelling to ensure accuracy, acknowledging that misspelling "teammate" as "teamate" is a common but correctable oversight.

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Other misspellings of teammate

Below are other common misspellings of "teammate" other than "teamate."  

Common misspellings of "teammate" may include variations such as "team-mate," "teemate," "teamatte," or "teammatte."

Example sentences of the misspelling of teammate as teamate

Below are example sentences highlighting that “teamate” is not the right spelling.

  1. The correct spelling is "teammate," not "teamate," with double 'm' to accurately convey the collaborative nature within a team.
  2. Please note that the proper term is "teammate," not "teamate," as the double 'm' is crucial for the accurate representation of working together in a team.
  3. It's important to use the correct spelling, "teammate," and not "teamate," to avoid any confusion regarding the term's meaning within a group or team context.
  4. The misspelling "teamate" should be corrected to "teammate" with the double 'm' to accurately reflect the collaborative relationship among team members.
  5. Ensure clarity in communication by using the correct spelling, "teammate," and not the incorrect form "teamate," which might lead to misunderstandings about the collaborative aspect within a team.

Example sentences for teammate

  1. Sarah and John have been exceptional teammates throughout the project, always supporting each other to achieve shared goals.
  2. As a dedicated teammate, Alex consistently contributes innovative ideas to enhance the team's performance.
  3. The soccer team celebrated their victory, acknowledging the crucial role each teammate played in securing the win.
  4. Even in challenging situations, a reliable teammate like Emily remains a source of encouragement and teamwork.
  5. Teammates in the office often collaborate on projects, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
  6. During the marathon, the runners relied on their teammates for motivation and shared determination to cross the finish line.
  7. As a seasoned teammate, Mark is known for his ability to foster unity and cohesion within the team.
  8. The success of the research project was a testament to the effective communication and synergy among the dedicated teammates.
  9. Emily's quick thinking and teamwork saved the day, showcasing the importance of a reliable and resourceful teammate.
  10. In team sports, the bond between teammates extends beyond the field, creating lasting friendships based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Synonyms for teammate

  1. Teammember: Referring to an individual who is part of the same team.
  2. Colleague: A person with whom one works, often in a professional setting.
  3. Co-worker: Someone who works with you, especially in the same organization or company.
  4. Comrade: A term suggesting a close and friendly relationship, often used in a team or collaborative context.
  5. Associate: A person with whom one is closely connected or has a professional relationship.
  6. Partner: Someone who shares in the work or activities, emphasizing collaboration.
  7. Collaborator: An individual who works jointly with others on a project or task.
  8. Fellow: A person who is in the same group or shares a particular activity with others.
  9. Ally: A person or group that cooperates with others for a common purpose.
  10. Cohort: A group or company, particularly those sharing a similar experience or time period.

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Teamate or Teammate: Which is Correct?


Definition of TEAMMATE
a fellow member of a team… See the full definition
Teamate or Teammate: Which is Correct?