There are conventions in English that non-native English speakers may not be aware of. In this series of blog posts, we would like to explain how to write for different purposes.

How Do We Abbreviate Monthly?

How do we abbreviate monthly? "Monthly" is an adjective that refers to something occurring, produced, or calculated every month, and the abbreviation of monthly is "mthly", "mth.", "m".

How to Use the Phrase "I Could Finally Breathe" in a Sentence

"I could finally breathe" combines the literal act of inhaling and exhaling with a metaphorical sense of relief or release. It can refer to the physical act of breathing becoming easier or to a metaphorical sense of stress or tension lifting.

How to Use the Phrase "Off the Top of my Head" in a Sentence

"Off the top of my head" can be a literal description of a location and an idiomatic expression. Literally, it refers to something physically situated on the top of one's head. Idiomatically, it denotes providing an immediate, unscripted response without extensive thought or preparation.

Mark Your Calendar

The expression "mark your calendar" is a straightforward directive that means to make a note of an important date or event on your calendar. It can be both a polite reminder and a way to emphasize the significance of the date being referred to.

Wonderment: Is It Even a Real Word? Meaning and Synonyms

"Wonderment" is a real word that means a state of amazement, astonishment, or awe, often caused by something remarkable or unexpected.

Loyalty: Meaning, Synonyms, and Examples

"Loyalty" refers to the quality of being faithful or devoted to a person, group, organization, or cause.

Text Slang Guide: Meaning of AFAIK

What does AFAIK mean? AFAIK stands for "As Far As I Know." It is an internet and text messaging acronym used to indicate that the information being provided is based on the speaker's current knowledge or understanding, but they are not entirely certain about its accuracy.

Your Guide to Engram’s Free and PREMIUM Plan

Engram's AI proofreader and paraphraser free plan does not only elevate your English to the next level, but it also boost your confidence. But it's the premium plan that optimizes all of these, and provides more opportunities to enhance your paper.

Unlock Your Writing Potential: Five Compelling Reasons to Use Engram's Grammar Checker

Are you striving for impeccable writing that leaves a lasting impression? Engram's free grammar checker can be your secret weapon to polished, error-free content.