"Repoire" is a misspelling of the term "rapport," which means a close and harmonious relationship marked by mutual understanding, empathy, and trust between individuals or groups. It signifies a sense of connection and a good, friendly understanding between people.

For example, if two colleagues have a good rapport, it means they have a positive working relationship, communicate well, and understand each other's perspectives. Building rapport is often essential in personal and professional interactions as it fosters effective communication and cooperation.

Through the Google Books Ngram Viewer, we can see that rapport has a much higher use than its misspelling repoire in Google’s database of published books in both American and British English since the year 1800.

"Rapport" may be difficult to spell because its pronunciation does not match its spelling. The "t" in "rapport" is silent, which may cause confusion, leading people to misspell the word as "repore," "rappor," or "repoire."

Example sentences

  1. The teacher's friendly demeanor helped establish a strong rapport with her students.
  2. Building rapport with clients is essential in the field of sales.
  3. The team's excellent rapport contributed to their success in completing the project on time.
  4. Effective communication is key to developing a positive rapport with coworkers.
  5. The therapist worked diligently to establish trust and rapport with her patients.
  6. Developing rapport with your audience is crucial for effective public speaking.
  7. The manager's open-door policy encouraged employees to build rapport and share their ideas.
  8. In the world of diplomacy, building rapport between nations is a complex but essential process.
  9. The customer service representative's ability to establish rapport with customers led to high satisfaction ratings.
  10. The candidate's interview went well because he was able to establish a strong rapport with the hiring manager.

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Definition of RAPPORT
a friendly, harmonious relationship; especially : a relationship characterized by agreement, mutual understanding, or empathy that makes communication possible or easy… See the full definition