"Intermittency" is a noun that refers to the quality or state of being intermittent, meaning something that occurs at irregular intervals or with breaks in between. It describes the characteristic of being sporadic, periodic, or not continuous.

For example, imagine a solar power system that generates electricity when the sun is shining but stops producing energy at night or during cloudy weather. The intermittency of solar power generation refers to the fact that it is not constant and depends on external factors like sunlight availability. The solar power generation is irregular and inconsistent.

Example sentences

  1. The intermittency of the Internet connection frustrated users who experienced frequent disruptions.
  2. The intermittent rain showers made it difficult to plan outdoor activities.
  3. The unpredictability and intermittency of the stock market require careful investment strategies.
  4. The intermittent power outages in the area were due to faulty electrical infrastructure.
  5. The patient's symptoms had an intermittency that puzzled the medical team.
  6. The car's engine problem was characterized by its intermittent stalling.
  7. The intermittent ringing of the alarm clock disrupted her sleep throughout the night.
  8. The intermittency of the migratory bird's visits to the area was noted by birdwatchers.
  9. The weather forecast predicted periods of rain with intermittent sunshine.
  10. The intermittency of his commitment to the project hindered its progress.

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