The expression "coming down the pike" or "down the pike" means something is approaching or becoming available in the near future. It implies that an event or development is on the horizon and will soon be encountered or experienced.

For instance, imagine a technology company that has been secretly working on a groundbreaking new product. They have kept the project under wraps, but now they are preparing to unveil it to the public. In this situation, you could say, "The company's new product is coming down the pike," meaning that it is about to be introduced to the market.

Some people mistakenly say "coming down the pipe" or "down the pipe," accidentally replacing "pike" with "pipe." The correct idiom, however, is with "pike." The expression is also primarily used in informal spoken conversations than in formal writing.

Example sentences

  1. The announcement of the new policy changes is coming down the pike.
  2. The release of the highly anticipated movie is coming down the pike next month.
  3. We've heard rumors about a major merger in the industry that might be coming down the pike.
  4. The results of the research study should be coming down the pike soon.
  5. The company's annual report is coming down the pike, and investors are eager to see the financial results.
  6. I've been working on a project, and the deadline is coming down the pike.
  7. News of the upcoming product launch is coming down the pike, and customers are eager to learn more.
  8. The school board is discussing changes to the curriculum that may be coming down the pike.
  9. The arrival of the new shipment of goods is coming down the pike, so we need to prepare for it.
  10. The presidential election is coming down the pike, and political campaigns are gearing up.

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