"Ingraining" is the present participle form of the verb "ingrain," which means to firmly establish something, typically a belief, habit, idea, or characteristic, in a person's mind or behavior. It implies that something has become deeply rooted or ingrained, often through repetition or consistent exposure.

For instance, imagine a parent teaching their child how to tie shoelaces. At first, the child may struggle with the process, but through patient and repeated instruction, the skill becomes ingrained in the child's memory. That means eventually, the child can tie their shoelaces without thinking about it because the action has become a deeply embedded habit.

Example sentences

  1. Consistent practice is crucial for ingraining musical skills and techniques.
  2. The teacher focused on ingraining the importance of teamwork in the students' minds.
  3. The company's core values are ingrained in its culture and guide employees' behavior.
  4. Early education plays a vital role in ingraining language skills in children.
  5. His dedication to daily exercise helped ingrain a healthy lifestyle.
  6. The repetition of safety procedures is essential for ingraining them in employees' minds.
  7. Reading regularly is an effective way of ingraining a love for literature in young readers.
  8. Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool for ingraining good behavior in pets.
  9. Her parents worked hard on ingraining strong ethical values in her upbringing.
  10. Years of practice and dedication ingrained his passion for painting and artistry.

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Definition of INGRAIN
to work indelibly into the natural texture or mental or moral constitution… See the full definition
1. to establish something such as a belief so firmly that it is not likely to…