"Time Flies" Meaning and Examples

The expression "time flies" is an idiomatic phrase that means time passes quickly or seems to move rapidly.

Warewolf or Werewolf: Which Is Correct

"Warewolf" is a misspelling of "werewolf," which is a mythical creature or folkloric being that is often depicted as a person who can transform into a wolf, or a hybrid creature with both human and wolf characteristics

"Beating a Dead Horse" Meaning and Examples

The idiom "beating a dead horse" means to continue discussing or pursuing a topic or issue that has already been resolved or is no longer relevant.

Ingraining Meaning and Examples

"Ingraining" is the present participle form of the verb "ingrain," which means to firmly establish something, typically a belief, habit, idea, or characteristic, in a person's mind or behavior.

Sterileness or Sterility: Which Is Correct?

"Sterileness" and "sterility" are both noun forms of "sterile," which means being free from living microorganisms, bacteria, or germs.

Repoire or Rapport: Which Is Correct?

"Repoire" is a misspelling of the term "rapport," which means a close and harmonious relationship

Medival or Medieval: Which Is Correct?

"Medival" is a misspelling of "medieval," which is an adjective that means related to the Middle Ages (≈A.D. 500-1500).

Banal Definition and Examples

"Banal" is an adjective that describes something as boring, unoriginal, and not interesting. It refers to something that is overly common, predictable, or ordinary to the point of being uninteresting or trite.

Specist or Speciesist: Which Is Correct?

"Specist" is a misspelling of "speciesist," which is a person who puts higher value on one species over another, believing that species is superior to others.