"Warewolf" is a misspelling of "werewolf," which is a mythical creature or folkloric being that is often depicted as a person who can transform into a wolf, or a hybrid creature with both human and wolf characteristics, typically during the full moon. In its wolf form, a werewolf is known for its strength, aggression, and predatory instincts. The legend of the werewolf is widespread in various cultures and has been a part of folklore and mythology for centuries.

The concept of the werewolf has origins in different cultures around the world. The term "werewolf" itself is derived from Old English and Old High German words, "wer" meaning "man" and "wulf" meaning "wolf." Legends of shape-shifters and humans turning into wolves or wolf-like creatures can be found in European, Asian, and Native American folklore. The idea of the werewolf has been popularized and adapted in literature, film, and popular culture.

Example sentences

  1. In the old tales, a person bitten by a werewolf would transform into one during the full moon.
  2. The villagers believed that the mysterious disappearances were the work of a rogue werewolf.
  3. The novel tells the story of a young man who discovers he has the power to become a werewolf.
  4. The legend of the werewolf has been a part of European folklore for centuries.
  5. The movie features a terrifying werewolf that terrorizes a small town.
  6. She read about the ancient curse that turned people into bloodthirsty werewolves.
  7. The werewolf in the story struggled to control its animal instincts.
  8. The costume party had a spooky theme, and one guest dressed up as a fearsome werewolf.
  9. Folklore often portrays the werewolf as a creature caught between its human and wolf identities.
  10. The town's history is filled with stories of werewolf sightings during full moons.

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Definition of WEREWOLF
a person transformed into a wolf or capable of assuming a wolf’s form… See the full definition
1. someone who, in stories, changes into a wolf at the time of the full moon…