“It’s good thing” or “It’s a good thing”?

And the correct answer is…

“It’s a good thing”

The word thing is a singular and countable noun that requires an article (a, an, or the) before it. This applies even if there is an adjective or multiple adjectives in front of it. The article would go in front of the adjectives:

Incorrect: It’s good thing.
Correct: It’s a good thing.
Incorrect: It is bad thing.
Correct: It is a bad thing.
Incorrect: It was slow, grueling process.
Correct: It was a slow, grueling process.

But if you wanted to use the adjective on its own without a noun following it, you should not use an article:

Incorrect: It’s a good.
Correct: It’s good.
Incorrect: It’s a bad.
Correct: It’s bad.
Incorrect: It’s a slow and grueling.
Correct: It’s slow and grueling.

Now, can you tell which of these sentences is correct?

A: It is brand new towel.
B: It is a brand new towel.

The correct answer is "B: It is a brand new towel".

Towel is a singular noun, and even though it has a compound adjective (brand new) in front of it, it needs an article.

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