• "Finaly" is the incorrect spelling of "finally."
  • "Finally" is an adverb that is commonly used to indicate the conclusion or end of a series of events, actions, or processes. It suggests that something has happened after a period of time, effort, or anticipation.
For example...

❌ After numerous delays, the long-awaited package finaly arrived at my doorstep.

✅ After numerous delays, the long-awaited package finally arrived at my doorstep.

In the sentence "After numerous delays, the long-awaited package finally arrived at my doorstep," the word "finally" is used as an adverb indicating that the awaited event, the arrival of the package, occurred after a period of time or after a series of delays. It suggests a sense of relief or accomplishment that the anticipated action has taken place.
Finaly vs. Finally: Which is Correct?

"Finally" is an adverb used to express the idea that something is happening at the end of a sequence of events or after a period of time. It indicates a sense of conclusion or resolution. For example, imagine you have been waiting for a long time for a friend to arrive. When they eventually show up, you might say, "Finally, you're here!" In this context, "finally" emphasizes that the action of your friend arriving occurred after a period of anticipation.

It's a word that conveys a feeling of relief, accomplishment, or the satisfaction of seeing a process through to its end. It's often used when there has been a delay or when something has taken longer than expected, and there's a sense of completion or achievement when the awaited event finally happens. In summary, "finally" is like saying "at last" or "after a long wait" and is used to highlight the end of a process or the occurrence of an event after a period of time.

In this Ngram viewer graph, you can see that "finally" has been used in a greater capacity than "finally." The word "finally" has had a steady increase until the 1980s. From the 1980s, the use has had an even sharper increase.

Finaly vs. Finally: Which is Correct?

Why would finally be misspelled as finaly?

The misspelling of "finally" as "finaly" can occur due to various factors, often tied to the non-phonetic nature of English spelling, typographical errors, and the influence of common spelling patterns. "Finally" is mistakenly written as "finaly" when individuals rely on the prevalent "-ly" ending for adverbs. This misspelling might also stem from a desire to simplify the word or a lack of awareness regarding the correct spelling. Auto-correction features in digital platforms could further contribute to the persistence of "finaly" as an unintended substitution. Understanding these factors can help individuals recognize and rectify the common misspelling of "finally" in written communication.

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Other common misspellings

Below are other common misspellings of "finally," other than "finaly."

  1. finalyl
  2. finalley

Example sentences of the misspelling of finally as finaly

  1. "I appreciate your effort, but it's important to note that 'finaly' is not the correct spelling; it should be 'finally.'"
  2. "In your essay, I noticed a small error – 'finaly' should be spelled as 'finally.'"
  3. "Your enthusiasm is great, but just a quick correction: the proper way to spell it is 'finally,' not 'finaly.'"
  4. "I understand your point, but let's make sure to use the accurate spelling, which is 'finally,' not 'finaly.'"
  5. "Your message came through, but there's a slight mistake in the spelling - it's 'finally,' not 'finaly.'"

Example sentences of finally

  1. After hours of searching, they finally discovered the hidden treasure in the old attic.
  2. She studied diligently for weeks, and finally, the day of the exam arrived.
  3. Despite facing numerous challenges, the team finally succeeded in completing the project on time.
  4. After years of hard work and dedication, he finally achieved his dream of becoming a published author.
  5. The rain persisted throughout the week, but finally, the sun emerged, bringing relief to the soggy city.
  6. The train was delayed for hours, but finally, it pulled into the station, and passengers could disembark.
  7. Having overcome various obstacles, they finally reached the summit of the mountain, savoring the breathtaking view.
  8. The novel, which had been eagerly anticipated, was finally released to the public, sparking widespread excitement.
  9. She patiently waited for her turn, and finally, the announcement came that she had won the competition.
  10. After a long and challenging negotiation process, the two parties finally reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

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Definition of FINALLY
after a prolonged time : at the end of period of time; as the last act or occurrence in a series : in the end : eventually; by way of conclusion : as the last point… See the full definition